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November 22nd, 2005

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05:20 pm - no time for a spell-check
So I woke up at 7am today to be sure I'd get to my 8:15 doctors appointment. Next thing I know I'm waking up at 8:07 with an 'Oh SHIT!" and know memory whatsoever of how I got back into bed.

Still, I managed to pull on cloths, walet, and dash out the door in record time, getting to the health center at exactly 8:14... where I then stood in line for 10min.

They took my weight, hight, blood pressure, medical history, ect. and I only got to ask the doctor about two of the four things I wanted to because they don't assign much time for each visit: my asthma, and my aversion to sunlight. They ran a test for an asthma mediacation, and while we where waiting for that to get there, I discribed the affects the sun has on me, and she never heard of anything matching it, and when I used a "feels like I'm smacked with the wet squrel of nausia" metiphor, she said it sounded like a trained assosiation condition. You know, like Pavlov's dogs. Hmmm.

The test showed that my lungs are actualy slightly above normal without the medication, which was a bit of a surprise, and fairly better with the meds. One mesurement in particular jumbed about 30%! She showed it off to the others at the office. So she gave me a 1 month trial perscription for the Albuterol and I biked my ass off again to get to work on time. I could really feel the difference the medication made the ride to work, even more than in the office. And my lungs feel really damn clear, and I haven't needed to caugh much today, which I normaly would after biking hard. I think I like this stuff.

Work was great. One customer even made a point of telling one of my supervisors that I was the best checker she'd ever had and filled out a comment card, asking "They read these things, right?" Ralph, the supervisor, came over to tell me. I wonder if I'll ever get to read my customer comment cards. But I still want to get better. I'm not as fast as I know I can be, and I screwed up a check today so my drawer will be off by about $5. It's still great to know you made such a good impression on someone.

Tonight, there's a show in Ft. Collins I REALLY want to see. And I can. But local band The Fray is also playing on the Late Late Show. That's right, LOCAL BAND!!! I love their song "Over My Head(Cable Car)" (I still think of it as 'Cable Car because that was the origonal name) and that a local band from Colorado is going to be on national T.V. Fuck, I hearly jumped out of my chair and did the happy dance when I read that in the T.V. guide. I think I'll conscript a friend to record it for me. Think Milly will be up?

And I found a guitarist! Yes! He moved for Mishigan with another band, then they broke up when they got here and that left him at loose ends. I met him Sat and we talked, ended up at Whole Foods where we ate yogurt covered pretzles, and hit Rockin' Robbin's where he put up a 'musicians wanted' flyer of his own and where we heard about the show tonight at Club Static. He has to go back to Mishigan for his stuff, but should be back in about a week. I hope Ryan like him. And I may be getting my friend and co-woker Ricky to play bass, at least for a while. He may be under 18, but he's really damn cool.

Shit, gotta go. I want to print out this fanfic I'm in the middle of. Damn it's a good one!
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Current Music: AFI "A Single Second"

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