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April 4th, 2006

04:45 pm - Does exalted happydance!

Tuesday, May 30th - 7pm
Red Rocks - All Ages
$45 Ticketmaster

On sale this Saturday at 10am

I'm going, even if I have to rent a car!!!
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March 2nd, 2006

08:00 pm
I figured I'd write while I wait for my slash to download.

Saw a great local show a couple nights ago. Man, I must have rolled each ankle 5 times. I really want to get some braces or boots to keep them from doing that. I think it would pretty much suck to break an ankle and maybe kill your jumping around on stage carrer before you even get a chance to do it once. Whoa, just thinking about hitting a stage is making my stomach flop. Do you know when you're really excited to do something and at the same time worried spitless about it? I get that felling when I think about singing in a band. I mean, bona fied, in a band. But now my toes are curling with happieness at that thought, so it's all good.

Before and after the show I met a very cool guy named Milan, who seems pretty Industraltastic. We had a friendly argument after the show about his zipper-covered black coat. "So Hot Topic-esk" I said. "It's not Hot Topic! It's Ravz!" "But it looks like it could be straight out of Goth-n-a-Box!" "It does not look like Hot Topic!" Then we went on a pear run to King Soopers. When we got back my friend Pepsy insisted on taking a shot with me, so I knocked back a tumbler of apple juice, joined by our underaged friend Shaggy, while Pepsy took a hit of Jack. And the cooliest coincednce! Jonny pointed out that a girl we where talking with, Ashly, had an AFI patch on her jacket. So naturaly I showed her my DF card and we started talking about every DFers favorite subject. I mentioned that I used to organize the Ft. Collins AFI MeetUp, then she kinda looked at me oddly and said "Where you at Taste of Chaos?" I had handed her a card at the show! We both have tickets to this year's and are now planning on going together, and ifwhen AFI comes back in town, we're going to see that too.

I got to meet at least one member from every band that played. The singer/drummer chick for Steel Toe Squaredance was really nice and fun on the floor and gave me a hug before she left. The singer for Noncompliance is a really nice guy, and the band had the whole room practicly foaming at the mouth, well at least the half of us who kept running around the floor. Which was the size of a postage stamp! This was the first basement show I've seen and, I think I'm hooked. Big hole in the wall, carpiting that curls, sweat covered freaks. It's a slice of hellish heaven. I really liked the poster that said "One Rule: You HAVE to dance!" I found out at the end of the show that it was covering a body-sized hole in the wall.

P.S. Noncomliance is playing a show on the 9th at Thrashin' Manor, 608 S. Meldrum Ft. Collins. $3 to get in and there will be about 6, yes 6 local hardcore bands playing, including Rally the Fray, who I've been longing to see for months! Maybe Marty, the brand new and very cool guitarist for my band, can acualy come to this show. I'll have to call him when my phone hits evening minutes tonight.

Take care all.

P.S. I have to say, I got a beautiful picture from Aspen yesterday. Milly played courier and said that Aspen told her she drew it for me becouse there aren't enought gorgious goth chicks with mohawks. Awww, I feel loved!!! Now I have to draw a dominatrics fairy for her ;)
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January 31st, 2006

07:10 pm - Free coffee!
Just got out of classes and scored some free Seattle's Finest Decaf (I think that was the name of it) in the Student Center. I like free coffee. I should ask my old boss Mike if he'd like some help with Western Espresso. Even if he could only give me a couple weeks of work, it would be nice to refresh my memory on how to make an espresso. And I'd get to drink more free coffee at work. Could try out more syrups. Mmmm, Mango might be good.

I'm loving my classes. My Fitness and Wellness professor is this incredible ball of positive energy, and she's so honest when she's relating stories to us to make the lessons easier to understand. She talks a lot about her life, about the things she's over come and that she's working on and I find it very inspiring. And the Legal Environment of Business (which I'm auditing because I don't think I could get through the 2" think text book yet) is utterly fascinating. You would think that business law would be boring shit, but I find it incredible to have it all laid out so I can get it. It's engrossing.

Ricky is learning bass. He's got the main part oc "Schism" by Tool down, which I'm really impressed with. That's a damn tricky song. I tried "Parabola" when I was trying bass, and I just couldn't get the fingering. Too bad I don't listen to or sing Tool. It's just bad for me.

I'm also moving out to a nice, low-rent house near down town Ft. Collins. I love this place. I'll have 4 roommates, all guys and all Seniors in college and all really nice. I met them all about two weeks ago and we had a good Neft dart fight. Lost only 4 darts in 2 hours. This place has such a great vibe to it, it's cheap and knows it but it's also so well maintained. It's not crappy or run-down, it's just cheap. One of the best things about it for me is the garage. The guys are going to let the band use it as practice space. There's just enough room for 4 people and a drum kit to fit comforably. And it's halfway heated!

I gotta get going to looking up more info on my classes online. It's nice to have the notes from class up for your downloading convenience.

And by the way, if anyone knows of a part-time job in Ft. Collins that doesn't involve doing much outside during the day, please drop me a line. I like King Soopers, but all the challenge it gone and I'm getting board.

P.S. I've got a tri-hawk now ;)
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December 19th, 2005

02:05 pm - Whoa this video is good
I just saw My Chemical Romance's new video "Ghosts of You" and I'm amazed. I just keep thinking "Wow, they really got the idea of being haunted." The seen with Gerard singing/screaming at the bar while everyone around him keeps drinking, or how the ballroom floor floods and there's a flashback to the boats just as they're landing. Shit like that really feels like what's going on when you can't forget something. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend checking it out.
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November 27th, 2005

04:55 pm - "And you will find me, won't recognize me. I won't recognize myself."
I just had to update and use that line in the subject 'cause it actually happened!

I was working at King Soopers last night when I saw my old friend David walking around the store with two friends. Naturally I said hi, how are you. And he just looked at me like 'Who the fuck is this?' I said "Oh, don't pretend you don't know me!" thinking he was just dicking around a little with me. Slowly he got this faint glimmer and I realized, he truly didn't recognize me! I busted a nut and collapsed laughing, then asked him how he was. His job's going well, I'll let you ask him the details (yes, he's even on my f-list!), and his family's fine.

It's too bad I couldn't have had my lip ring in.
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November 22nd, 2005

05:20 pm - no time for a spell-check
So I woke up at 7am today to be sure I'd get to my 8:15 doctors appointment. Next thing I know I'm waking up at 8:07 with an 'Oh SHIT!" and know memory whatsoever of how I got back into bed.

Still, I managed to pull on cloths, walet, and dash out the door in record time, getting to the health center at exactly 8:14... where I then stood in line for 10min.

They took my weight, hight, blood pressure, medical history, ect. and I only got to ask the doctor about two of the four things I wanted to because they don't assign much time for each visit: my asthma, and my aversion to sunlight. They ran a test for an asthma mediacation, and while we where waiting for that to get there, I discribed the affects the sun has on me, and she never heard of anything matching it, and when I used a "feels like I'm smacked with the wet squrel of nausia" metiphor, she said it sounded like a trained assosiation condition. You know, like Pavlov's dogs. Hmmm.

The test showed that my lungs are actualy slightly above normal without the medication, which was a bit of a surprise, and fairly better with the meds. One mesurement in particular jumbed about 30%! She showed it off to the others at the office. So she gave me a 1 month trial perscription for the Albuterol and I biked my ass off again to get to work on time. I could really feel the difference the medication made the ride to work, even more than in the office. And my lungs feel really damn clear, and I haven't needed to caugh much today, which I normaly would after biking hard. I think I like this stuff.

Work was great. One customer even made a point of telling one of my supervisors that I was the best checker she'd ever had and filled out a comment card, asking "They read these things, right?" Ralph, the supervisor, came over to tell me. I wonder if I'll ever get to read my customer comment cards. But I still want to get better. I'm not as fast as I know I can be, and I screwed up a check today so my drawer will be off by about $5. It's still great to know you made such a good impression on someone.

Tonight, there's a show in Ft. Collins I REALLY want to see. And I can. But local band The Fray is also playing on the Late Late Show. That's right, LOCAL BAND!!! I love their song "Over My Head(Cable Car)" (I still think of it as 'Cable Car because that was the origonal name) and that a local band from Colorado is going to be on national T.V. Fuck, I hearly jumped out of my chair and did the happy dance when I read that in the T.V. guide. I think I'll conscript a friend to record it for me. Think Milly will be up?

And I found a guitarist! Yes! He moved for Mishigan with another band, then they broke up when they got here and that left him at loose ends. I met him Sat and we talked, ended up at Whole Foods where we ate yogurt covered pretzles, and hit Rockin' Robbin's where he put up a 'musicians wanted' flyer of his own and where we heard about the show tonight at Club Static. He has to go back to Mishigan for his stuff, but should be back in about a week. I hope Ryan like him. And I may be getting my friend and co-woker Ricky to play bass, at least for a while. He may be under 18, but he's really damn cool.

Shit, gotta go. I want to print out this fanfic I'm in the middle of. Damn it's a good one!
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November 19th, 2005

04:39 pm - "With glowing pride I'll wear my scars"
'Cause I'm an AFI whore *gleeful evil smile*

And I'm still Davey!... boy that sounds wrong, but in a good way.

which afi lyric are you
"My skin is singed, but it heals my heart,
with glowing pride I'll wear my scars, I'm
honored by your hatred" your from Malleus
Malifcarium. You stand for self-multilating and
proud Davey! You know other people may judge
you, and that doesn't bother you at all.

What AFI lyric are you?
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Whoa! Your an AFI Freak! Just like Myself! Which is
so kewly! Keep rocking out to AFI bc
well...they rock and you know it mwuahaha!

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You are Davey of AFI!

which singer are YOU? (tool, system of a down, silverchair, Afi)
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November 8th, 2005

07:02 pm
I just got off a date that went not bad but not great. I met him in the mall, one of those cases where you're walking along and smile at someone and they smile back, then you look over your shoulder and they're looking over their shoulder, then you look back again and they are too. And so on. At the third backwards glance I kinda figured I should say hi. We swapped numbers and agreed to have lunch and it was a pain in the ass to actually hook up because he doesn't have a car and mine pretty much doesn't run so I had to take the bus. His friend Pablic (I hope I'm spelling the name right) who works at a kiosk (I hope I'm spelling that right) ended up picking him up, and Haviv and I ate at 3 Margarita. I hadn't eaten there before, let alone eaten out at all in over a month - with the great exception of Village Inn with Milly two weeks ago - so it was a treat to just sit down in a nice atmosphere and order tasty different veggie food that I didn't have to cook or clean up after!.

He ordered a steak and I'd wanted to try the cheese rieno, but I'm still not sure about cheese and the whole rennet issue, so I went with a tostada minus the cheese. We talked a lot and held hands over the table while waiting for our food, which was nice. Haviv is a nice Jewish boy wo lived in the Middle East until about 6 years ago when he moved to New York. He came to Colorado recently to try different work. The food was good, and I was surprised I liked the avocados! After we finished eating he asked me come over to his side of the booth, which was also nice, but then he all but insisted on kissing me which I wasn't keen on for the first date, so I let him kiss me on the cheek. I think he's ok, and I think I'll date him once more, but I don't feel a click with him so that will probably be it. I don't really feel a click and his trying too hard for a kiss made me a little uncomfortable.

I ran into Cory, the lead for Giant Cogs Turn again in the hall. He says that their bass player might be looking for another project sence he (Cory) and the drummer are starting another project too. They're going to join up with and accordian player to make some really out there stuff. He also said I should check out Fall of Troy, a trio from Seatle that he discribes as 'mind-blowing' and 'experimental metal.' He said he'd try to burn me a copy of their CD so he can give it to me next time.

In further news, apperently I'm amaizing at work. I still think I have a lot of work to do as a checker and I'm way too damn slow in the backery and aught to hone that down, but it was sooo nice when Justin let me help with the bakery a couple hours this weekend and we got everything DONE, and early. We where out of there at 7:30p! Then he asked me to help Josh in produce and I got to stack bannanas on their little black stands and rearange potatos and avacados. He said that avacados are very tricky but I found them to be easier than the tatters. At least the avacasos have textured skins and, being pear shaped, I found they rolled less. Anyway, after I went back to the front end where the checkstands are, I needed to get Justin for something and he was talking with Josh. As I was walking up, I heard Josh say "... and she's just amaizing." I played it cool and said something about my ears burning ;) I never really planned on staying at King Soopers very long, but if they let me diversify like this, I think it'll keep me interested enough and chalanged enough to stick around for a while. I love the diversity and new things to strive for.

I also cut my hair yesterday, right before work and carried the 14" cut braid in a little baggie to show off. It's such a pretty blue/green, it was almost a shame to cut it off, but looks just as pretty all on it's own, and now it won't fade and break with shampooing and combing! And it's nice not to have to wrap my hair around my neck to go pee. Of course, now I probably don't have the longest hawk in Loveland, and Mathew's hair has mine beat by almost a foot.

Gotta run, I'm gonna pick up The White Stripes Elephant at Rockin' Robbin's.
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November 2nd, 2005

08:59 pm
For the first time in about 3 weeks, I was a Courtesy Clerk at work, and it just happened to be the first time in about 5 weeks that I forgot to bring my hat in case I was a Clerk. So I got to go run carts at 3 in the afternoon with no sunscreen and a baseball cap I borrowed from the store. Luckily the sun was hidden behind clouds for half of my hour on carts and behind thin clouds most of the rest, so it could have been much worse.

Mayra told me again that I just crack her up, that everything I do makes her laugh: my running like a crazy when doing carts, my thanking every customer, my speaking very clearly. I think it's cute how she thinks that. I find it interesting how striving to excel in what you do is funny. I love being thought of as a freak for things like that!

I also got to do facing at work, and get more training on U-Scan. For those of you who've never done grocery work, facing is where you bring the items to the edge of the shelf and turn them so the labels face forward, and double faceing is where you make sure there's at least one more of the item behind the first. I got to do double facing. And U-Scan is King Sooper's self checkout system. There are four registers tied to a main desk. The customers scan their stuff at a register while a checker stands at the desk to take checks, catch credit card slips, make sure they don't steal anything, ect. Mike's a pretty good teacher and I'm pretty sure I'm catching on fast. He kept half joking that they where having somebody else train so they could fire him. I doubt it. He's one of the hardest workers they've got, and he REALLY knows his shit! Man, there's almost nothing going on on our part of the store that he doesn't know how to do. And I think he's got even more produce numbers memorized than Dawn, and she's a goddess at them. I think that Mike's attitude is just part of his charm. I think the sore would be a real downer without him.

So, work was great. Lots of verity. Plus I've still got that baked potato that I made during break then didn't eat because I wasn't there for long enough to get a lunch. I'll eat it for dinner.

I was actually going to see the doctor today about my aversion to sunlight, which is the reason I'm not keen on doing carts during the day (yes, I'm a sunlight avoider like Davey for all my AFI adoring friends!) However, I was late, then had to wait in line. By the time I signed in, it was too late for me to be seen. Now I need to call tomorrow morning to reschedule. Since it's not any kind of emergency (though it would be great to get a note from the doctor saying I NEED time before doing carts to put on sunscreen,) I'm not worrying too much about it. Maybe next time I'll take a fast enough shower to get out the door on time.

I've been thinking how much I'd like to have a bi-hawk with my hair as long as it is now (I'm planning on cutting it in a couple days, it's just too damn long to take care of!), but I'm already pushing things with the mohwak at work. I know I could braid it so it doesn't look like a bi-hawk, but I was spicifically told that if I showed up with the middle shaved, I'd be asked to stay home 'till it grew out. bugger.
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October 27th, 2005

08:00 pm
Wooo! Here comes the really damn fast update!

Went to see Corpse Bride. ALL my friends fell though except Milly (I love you so much Milly!). I'm so dissapointed in my friends, because I've been planning this thing for over a month and only one of the 20 people I invided comes? *looks sad*

Anyway, we went to Vilage Inn afterward and made friends with the waiter, Nick, and the people in the booth behind us.

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